Block Mounting

Block Mounting

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Block Mounting from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Block Mounting specialist.

Make a lasting impression by turning your posters and pictures into vibrant mounted backdrops.We can block mount pictures up to 1400mm in width. Block mounts can also be laminated for extra protection where required.

Block Mounting Options

Standard Sizes: A0, B1, A1, A2, A3 and A4

Stocks: 5mm or 10mm Kapa foam board

Types of Block Mount Board

Kappa board is a lightweight polyurethane foam board with high resistance to bending and pressure. The centre of the board has Aluminium re-inforced liners for extremely high resistance to warping.

Kappa boards are excellent for lightweight displays where a larger print requires hanging with Velcro, double-sided tape or press in hooks.

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