NIMC Paediatric Private Hospital Medication Charts

NIMC Paediatric Private Hospital Medication Charts

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NIMC Paediatric Private Hospital Medication Charts from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted NIMC Paediatric Private Hospital Medication Chart supplier and manufacturer.

Paediatric National Inpatient Medication Charts

A major initiative to improve the safe use of medicines is the national standardisation of medicines management documentation in hospitals through medication charts.

The National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) is a suite of nationally standard medication charts, both paper and electronic, that present and communicate information consistently between healthcare professionals providing care to patients on the intended use of medicines for an individual patient.
NIMC (paediatric)

In 2008, Australian Health Ministers endorsed paediatric versions of the NIMC (acute) and NIMC (long stay). The paediatric NIMCs have additional features to improve prescribing safety for paediatric inpatients including neonates. Additional safety features include:

    dose calculation space for medicine orders
    double signing for medicines administration
    additional spaces for noting date weighed and gestational age at birth.

These charts should be used for all children aged 12 years and less.

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