NIMC Clozapine Titration Charts

NIMC Clozapine Titration Charts

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NIMC Clozapine Titration Charts from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted NIMC Clozapine Titration Chart supplier and manufacturer.

The Commission surveyed psychiatric acute service users of the NIMC in late 2011. The survey found that many services had issues with ordering and recording titrating clozapine doses on the NIMC and that it presented a barrier to effective, standardised use of the NIMC. The NIMC and Acute Psychiatric Services Survey Report recommended that a national adult clozapine titration chart be made available to assist acute services manage titration of clozapine.

The NIMC (clozapine titration) is intended to be used as a record of the prescribing, monitoring and administration of clozapine titration. When clozapine is used for maintenance treatment, the NIMC (acute) or NIMC (long-stay) is to be used.

Support materials for the NIMC (clozapine titration) include a user guide and an instructional PowerPoint presentation.
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The NIMC (clozapine titration) is based on the clozapine titration chart developed by Queensland Health. The national chart incorporates some changes to make it amenable to national use. While the Queensland chart has been implemented in public hospitals across the state, the national chart has not been piloted or otherwise tested by the Commission.

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