StopCopy Extreme Security Paper

StopCopy Extreme Security Paper

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StopCopy Extreme Security Paper from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted StopCopy Extreme Security Paper supplier and manufacturer.

Protect yourself against fraud, counterfeiting and forgery with Premier Print's StopCopy Security Papers

Document fraud is an incessant problem around the globe. From cheque counterfeiting (duplication) to academic transcript forgery (alteration), there are no documents that are safe from attacks. To oppose these threats Premier Print has developed the StopCopy Security Paper Range.

StopCopy papers feature up to ten advanced and industry proven security features (including our innovative hidden message pantographs) that deter and identify fraudulent attacks.

Don’t become a victim, stop criminals in their tracks and secure your documents from counterfeiting and forgery.

General Features
Effective fraud deterrence and authentication
Deters counterfeiting (duplication) and forgery (alteration)
Copier, Laser, Inkjet and Offset compatible
UV Dull
Archive ready
Copy Preventative (Hidden Message) Background
94gsm Securex paper
Available in packs of 100 (SESP1100) or 500 (SESP1500) sheets
Security paper can be customised upon request

Protection features designed to prevent and deter unauthorized copying
Microprint security line. A minute font which can only be viewed through a magnify glass. If the document is copied, the text will blur rendering the message unreadable.
Security warning band. Lists the security features incorporated into the document
Copy preventative background (pantograph). When unauthorized persons try to copy or scan the original, an "COPY" hidden message appears.

Protection features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of information.
Frangible toner fusing coating. Fights alteration attempts by fusing the toner into the paper fibers and causes the paper to visibly delaminate when toner is removed by tape or by scraping.
Fugitive coating on back of paper. Printed in pale blue, the Fugitve ink is difficult to replicate consistently with normal copying devices. Also, the colour will disappear when bleach is applied.
Chemical reactive coating. Stains will appear if chemicals are used in an attempt to alter an original document.

Protection features designed to identify and the prevent the use of attempted counterfeit documents.
Solvent reactive Ink. Solvent reactive inks provide visible protection against acids, bases, bleaches and solvents. The ink smudges when touched by one of these substances.
Heat Sensitive Red Thermochromic Icon. Thermochromic inks are sensitive to temperature changes and will disappear when heat from your breath of finger is applied and reappear once cooled.
Invisible UV fibers. The fibers fluoresce when viewed under a UV black light. Prevents duplication of paper stock as these fibers cannot be duplicated.
Line watermark. Alteration of paper fibers creates the appearance of lines in the paper which optically change from light to dark depending upon which way the document is held. Prevents/deters forgery and alteration, plus verifies authenticity.

StopCopy Security papers also meet and exceed the US Federal and State guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for secure documents.
Transcript papers
Price Lists
Grade Reports
HR Documents
Financial, insurance & legal documents

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