Laminating Services

Laminating Services

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Laminating Services from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Laminating Services supplier and manufacturer.

Laminating is the bonding of a thin transparent plastic film to any visual material. This offers the laminated object excellent protection and is thus an excellent method of preserving your posters, photographs, certificates, maps and other cherished items.

We’re geared to be flexible, offering laminating from credit card sizes up to 914mm wide.

Laminating Options

Standard Sizes: A0, B1, A1, A2, A3, A4 and smaller
Stocks: Gloss or matt laminates

Types of Film

Matt Laminate: A non-reflective matt finish. Matt laminate is more suitable for documents containing text which needs to be highly legible; such as architects drawings, medical posters and trade show images where spotlights will flare up poster surfaces.

Gloss Laminate: A reflective finish more suitable for photographic images. Gloss brings out exceptional qualities to what may be a rather ordinary image.

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