Generic Payslips

Generic Payslips

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Generic Payslips from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Generic Payslip supplier and manufacturer.

Box of 500.

Security pay slips that save you time and money

The Premier Print PAYA4SS Pay slip is a simple pay envelope that features a unique security pattern,which ensures all your employee’s information remains secure and confidential. Simply print the A4 sheet, then fold to become a secure, tamper proof pay envelope in seconds.

“A4 laser pay slips have proven to be the most popular payslip form over the years, because they are quick and easy to produce and distribute.”


Size. A4 size 297mm x 210mm (11.66” × 8.25”)
Fold Style. V Fold
Seal Method. Self Seal - Seal by hand, folder or roller
Compatibility. Compatible with MYOB, Attache, Quicken, QuickBooks, Sage and most other standard accounting/payroll packages
Stock. Ultra White 100gsm paper
Glue. Printer safe, long lasting glue
Boxed. Securely boxed in 500’s

Why Should You Use the PAYA4SS Payslips?

Quick and easy to use, saving you time and money. Simply print your payslips, fold them by hand to seal and then distribute. No more envelope costs or time wasted folding and inserting your pay slips into the envelopesWhy Should You Use the PAYA4SS Payslips?
Confidential and secure. They will protect both yours and your employees’ privacy, as any tampering attempts will become obvious
Gives your employees a professional image of your organisation.

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