Customised Visitor Sign In Books

Customised Visitor Sign In Books

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Customised Visitor Sign In Books from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Customised Visitor Sign In Book supplier and manufacturer.
Customised Visitor Sign In Books. Full customised visitor pass books with custom branded passes attached to custom base sheets.

Custom Passes on Pre Printed Base Sheets

Passes can be completely customised apart from the entry fields
The custom passes are attached to pre printed basesheets

Cost effective, branded visitor pass system
Personalise your pass with your own logo, evacuation instructions, maps...

Included Fields
Date, Visitor Name, Organisation, Meeting With, Time In, Mobile No., Signature, Pass No. and Time Out

Elements that can be Incorporated into your Pass
Organisation logo
Organisation details
Health & Safety details
To raise alarm
Emergency procedures
Evacuation information
Smoking policy
Security limits
First Aid instructions
Fire instructions
Site map

Available Speciality Pass Stocks
Self Adhesive Stickers. Removes the need for pass holders as the passes can be stuck onto a lapel
Sensitized Scanright Cheque Paper. Sensitised paper that reacts to specific chemicals
Fluorescent/Coloured Papers. Make your visitors stand out from the crowd


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