Generic Contractor Sign In Books

Generic Contractor Sign In Books

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Generic Contractor Sign In Books from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Generic Contractor Sign In Book supplier and manufacturer.

(120 Passes Per Book)

The C6B Contractor Pass system has been purposely designed for the efficient handling of contractors and managing work in progress. This system, like the V6, features passes with six security features.

Special Features and Benefits

Larger, double overlapped passes requring detailed contractor information in case of emergency
Pre-numbered base sheets for easy sign out
Facilitates approval of work completed and authorisation ofpayments
Can also be used with separate work permits

Contractor Pass Fields

Date, Time In, Contractor Company Name, Contractor Name, Work Area, Description of Work, Mobile No., Vehicle Registration No., ID & Cert Checked, Neccessary Permits Issued, No. of Keys Issued, Safety Inducted, Contractor Signature and Pass Authorised By

Contractor Pass Security Features

List of Security Features, Micro Type, Thermochromic Ink, Security Background, Fugitive Ink and Sensitised Scanright Paper.

C6B Contractor Pass

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