Continuous Cheques

Continuous Cheques

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Compliment Cheques from Premier Print, Australia's leading and trusted Continuous Cheque supplier and manufacturer.

Multi-Part Forms are More Secure

A carbonless copy is always a true copy of the original.
Alterations to carbonless copies are easily detected.
There is less opportunity for mischief with a carbonless copy of the original. Example: With laser printers, dishonest employees can create fraudulent file "copies" of invoices or purchase orders and then keep overpayments or over-quantities of received goods.

Multi-Part Forms Cost Less to Use

Continual use and overuse of laser printers leads to excess toner and repair expenses.
Running multi-part continuous forms through an impact printer is faster and more economical than a standard laser printer.
Overuse of photocopiers to make copies of laser printer forms originals is also expensive in terms of labour, toner and repair expenses.

Benefits of Continuous Cheques

Improve your payment processes
Save time
Print cheque and remittance in one process
Improve your corporate image by getting your corporate logo and colours into the market place
Easier Reconciliation

Cheque Printing Options Available

Printing. 1 to 6 spot PMS colours or 4 Colour Process, on 1 or both sides
Stocks. 90gsm Sensitised Scanright or 90gsm SecureX Paper
Cheque Depths. 72mm, 93mm, 108mm, 140mm, 148mm, 152mm, 186mm, 216mm, 280mm, 297mm & 304mm
Number of Parts. Up to 6 parts/plys
Numbering. Arabic, MICR & OCR (A & B)
Additional Security Features. See below
Typical Turnaround. 15-20 business days
Artwork. Design & Typesetting services available

Cheque Security Features Available

Datafuse & Frangible Paper. Includes all of the above features plus the Paper includes fluorescent fibres and rips when having sticky tape applied.
UV Features. The ink may only be seen under a UV lamp and is not visible under normal light
Solvent Sensitive Inks. The ink reacts to organic solvents, providing a visual alert that tampering may have occurred.
Artificial Watermark. A printed watermark that cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers.
Fine Line Security Pattern. Used in the background of a cheque in a subtle ink colour.
Custom Micro Printing. Miniature type that can only be read when magnified and cannot be duplicated by a copier.
Warning Bands. To state to the person viewing the document that the cheque is protected, thus curbing possible forgery attempts before they start.
Vignettes. Creates a fading effect of dark to light. Used with subtle colours and extremely difficult to scan.

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